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From Tandayapa we spent a full day in the foothills, visiting the Milpe Reserve just east of Los Bancos, and the Rio Silanche Reserve, 11kms past Puerto Vicente Maldonaldo, plus we spent a few hours of an afternoon at the excellent Los Bancos Restaurant in Los Bancos - look for the orange wall on the south side of the road, near the east end of town; the fruiting trees and feeders on their Overlook can produce many of the Choco foothill specialties - e.g. Moss-backed, Rufous-throated and Glistening-green Tanagers - plus Green Thorntail and Little Woodstar hummers.

Choco Toucan at Rio Silanche.

Green Thorntail at Los Bancos

Scarlet-breasted Dacnis at Rio Silanche.