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Heading east we spent a full day up at the private Antisana Reserve (that speck in the above pic is a juvenile Andean Condor at Antisana!), then the next morning around Papallacta Pass and the afternoon at Guango Lodge (between Papallacta and Cuyuja at 8,800 feet) - an excellent base from which to explore the east slope Temperate Zone and a great spot to check the hummingbird feeders for Mountain Avocetbill, Gorgeted Woodstar, Glowing Puffleg, and the abundant Tourmaline Sunangel (plus Swordbills!)

Carunculated Caracara at Antisana

Aplomado Falcon at Antisana

Ecuadorian Hillstar at Antisana

Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe at Papallacta Pass.