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I finally got to visit the private Antisana Reserve - and what a great place it is: along with Giant Hummingbird, many Shining Sunbeams, Tawny Antpitta (perched in a small tree, no-less!), and a rare Andean Siskin in the drier habitat near the first entrance, we saw more than a hundred Carunculated Cararas and Andean Gulls, a few Andean Lapwings, three Black-faced Ibis, numerous Puna (Variable) Hawks, two Black-chested Buzzard-Eagles, three Aplomado Falcons, and seven Andean Condors up in the wet grassy Paramo. Here are some of the Caracaras feeding on the larvae of a beetle-like insect that lays its eggs in the feces of the abundant Paramo Rabbits and probably also that of the introduced herds of sheep:

Two adults:

A second- or third-year:

A juvenile: