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Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico July 2015

From July 11-23, 2015, Sheridan and I spent four days in the central Chiapas area as part of the GBNA biennial meeting, and then a week in south/central Oaxaca as part of a private group, ably organized and lead by Michael Retter.

These two "White-cheeked" Red Warblers Cardellina rubra rubra were up at La Cumbre, north of Oaxaca City (first bird) and the upper part of the Sierra Madre del Sur south of Oaxaca City (second bird).

This bird was taking food to a nest hidden in a lichen-covered crevice on the bank next to the road:

This is presumed to be a bird undergoing post-juvenile molt; note the fairly well-demarcated dark cap: