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Honduras December 2014

From December 5-12, 2014 Sheridan and I were in Honduras. We made a quick visit to La Tigra NP, stopping in the Comayagua and Lake Yojoa areas during the drives, and then had a great five-night stay at the luxurous and very birdy Pico Bonito Lodge. Our bird guide was Esdras Lopez Mejia, who did a fine job in difficult conditions (we lost almost half of our field time to rain). Special thanks go to James Adams at Pico Bonito Lodge for arranging and delivering a great, well-executed itinerary at a terrific price!

This White-throated Flycatcher Empidonax albogularis was photographed in the lakeside marshes at Las Glorias Resort on Lake Yojoa on December 07, 2014. There are relatively few photos of this species on the web, so I provide here a series of images that help convey the feel of this species. This individual was heard to give the diagnostic burry "bzrrrt!" call.
Note the following features:
- short primary projection beyond the tertials
- buff-tinged wing bars that contrast fairly strongly with the dark brown basal part of the coverts and with the flight feathers
- somewhat weak pale edging to secondaries, and lacking any significant pale edging to the bases of the primaries
- long, somewhat narrow tail
- warm brownish mantle, back, rump and upper tail coverts that contrast with a gray-brown nape
- rounded head
- incomplete (above the eye) and very narrow pale eyering
- shortish bill
- faint pale crescent behind the auriculars