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Honduras December 2014

From December 5-12, 2014 Sheridan and I were in Honduras. We made a quick visit to La Tigra NP, stopping in the Comayagua and Lake Yojoa areas during the drives, and then had a great five-night stay at the luxurous and very birdy Pico Bonito Lodge. Our bird guide was Esdras Lopez Mejia, who did a fine job in difficult conditions (we lost almost half of our field time to rain). Special thanks go to James Adams at Pico Bonito Lodge for arranging and delivering a great, well-executed itinerary at a terrific price!

This Vermiculated [Guatemalan] Screech-Owl Megascops guatemalae guatemalae was at Pico Bonito Lodge on December 12, 2014. My thanks go to Alex Alvarado for showing us this bird, and for showing just how easy and effective 'phone-scoping could be - he took this photo using my 'phone in about 4 seconds, while I could not even get the bird onto the 'phone screen!: