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Guatemala 2006

Corazon Del Bosque :

At the large restaurant by the parking area (where two species of owl perch at night to hunt moths) we were given a presentation by representatives of the local Maya Cooperative that owns and manages this Reserve; the young lady on the right - Christina - is a Peace Corps volunteer from California, here acting as interpreter:

500 yards up the main trail are two large family-style cabins for rent, each with its own Mayan Sauna (the stone structure between the buildings):

This is the upstairs room; downstairs is the bathroom and a large room with three double, adult-size bunk-beds:

Right outside the cabins is Pine-dominated forest, where Olive Warbler, Black-capped Siskin and Hooded Grosbeak can be found, and Black-capped Swallows nest in the sandy soil (two are perched in the central pine, below - CLICK HERE to see flight pics):

At the back of the Reserve the main trail runs along the side of a beautiful gorge covered in Oak-dominated forest - here Blue-throated Motmot and Chestnut-sided Shrike-Vireo were calling, and many snazzy warblers were foraging, such as Crescent-chested Warbler, and this Red-faced Warbler:

This oak-lined canyon is the best spot for Pink-headed Warblers, and they will come down to eye-level to forage (CLICK HERE to see more pics):