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Guatemala 2006

Volcan Chicabal:

At the parking area (where Yellow-eyed Juncos fed in the grass) is a small reception area, plus a couple of rustic cabins available for rent:

One of the many open areas on the trail where you can scan for raptors and swifts:

On the flank of a nearby volcano is a brand new caldera - it did not exist thirty years ago - that belches every fifteen minutes or so:

The trail peaks-out at the volcano rim (c. 9.500 feet), where a rickety platform allows fabulous views of the caldera lake - held sacred by the local Maya; this area is the best spot for Black-throated Jay (we called one up from down in the caldera), and the best spot for Pink-headed Warblers is a few hundred yards back down the trail (but we also had a pair just 200 feet above the parking area):