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Guatemala 2006

On the outskirts of Guatemala City close to the entrance for Cerro Alux there is a Swiss restaurant with two hummingbird feeders - the only ones known to any of the local bird guides. Our brief visit netted four species (including Magnificent Hummingbird, not shown here), and Green-throated Mountain-Gem has also been seen there:

This regional endemic Rufous Sabrewing was rather shy at the feeders, only staying for a few seconds on each visit:

The more-widespread Azure-crowned Hummingbird was a bit bolder, sometimes holding its own against the aggressive White-ears:

White-eared Hummingbird was the abundant species at the two feeders...

almost all were males, and sometimes they'd be at the right angle to show a bit of their true colors...

- but getting a shot of the full effect was really tough, as it seemed to last but a split-second: