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GUATEMALA March 2017
From March 25 - 31, 2017 I birded the central Pacific highlands and the Parque Regional Municipal Todos Santos Cuchamatán in Guatemala. Click on the links below to see some of the great birds I saw thanks to the skills and knowledge of Guatemala-based BIRDING EXPEDITIONS.

NOTE: I was birding first, photographing second (as usual) on this trip, thus the quality of the photos below varies greatly from "very good" to "pretty crappy". In most cases our views of a bird were much better than the photos obtained of it; part of the purpose of this gallery is to show just how many good birds can be seen - if you use a really good locally based birding tour company such as Birding Expeditions.

Some of the six Buffy-crowned Wood-Partridges (Dendrortyx leucophrys) hanging around the edges of the parking area at Parque Ecológico Cayalá, Guatemala City.

CLICK HERE to see a short video of a preening bird. Please forgive the "fimed from a moving boat" nature of this clip - I was hand-holding my camera/large lens!

Is this a female? Note how the auricular and the forecrown are both diluted (resulting in significantly less contrast) compared to the darker brown auricular and pale buffy forecrown of the other birds seen, and in all the images of this species I have looked at on the internet:

Here is a closer comparison of the duller bird (left) with a more-contrasty bird (right):