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COLOMBIA December 2009

From Dec 06 to 19, 2009, Sheridan Coffey and myself birded the eastern Andes, north coast, and Santa Marta Mtns of Colombia (for the first leg in the Andes, Dan Peak joined us) using Medellin-based birding guide Pablo Flores Valencia click here to email Pablo.

This Hummingbird was photographed at Guayabetal, east of Bogota (c.1000 meters, lower east slope of the eastern Andes) in a flame tree that harboured many hummingbirds, including Black-breasted Mango, Green Violetear, and some Green-bellied Hummingbirds (click here to see pics of the latter taxon in the same tree). Note the white vent and apparent narrowing white line running up the center of the undersides separating green flanks, the uniform green uperparts (i.e. no brown on the rump/utcs as in Green-bellied Hummingbird), the small but bold white spot behind the eye, and short, rounded tail (but is that due to molt? note that the primaries are in molt) that is dark bluish. What taxon is this?:

Update: I now believe this to be a female/imm. Glittering-throated Emerald Amazilia fimbriata - but I'd appreciate feeback, thanks: