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COLOMBIA December 2009

From Dec 06 to 19, 2009, Sheridan Coffey and myself birded the eastern Andes, north coast, and Santa Marta Mtns of Colombia (for the first leg in the Andes, Dan Peak joined us) using Medellin-based birding guide Pablo Flores Valencia click here to email Pablo.

Blossomcrown Anthocephala floriceps floriceps: a female of the nominate race at the El Dorado Lodge gardens, Cuchillo de San Lorenzo, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Initially I thought this was a female Coppery Emerald Chlorostilbon russatus, but during the three days this bird was seen irregularly at the same patch of flowers, I briefly saw an actual female Coppery Emerald at a different patch: dorsally it had a more-uniform upper body (NOT A CONTRASTING RUMP/UTCs); the uniform coppery-green upperparts contrasted slightly with the coppery-bronze tail on which all but the central pair of retrices have NARROW whitish tips. I'd appreciate any feedback on this issue, thanks: