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COLOMBIA August 2009

From August 23 to 29, 2009, Sheridan Coffey and myself birded central Colombia using Medellin-based birding guide Pablo Flores Valencia click here to email Pablo.

At Rio Blanco we birded the last hour or so of light one day plus all the following morning; they have "trained" some of the antpittas to come in for worms, and regular visitors are two Brown-banded Antpittas and two Chestnut-crowned Antpittas; in addition Bicolored and Slate-crowneds are occasional visitors.

Here are both of the regular Brown-banded Antpittas Grallaria milleri; one in natural light:

- and the other with flash (used with permision):

- and here is one of the Chestnut-crowned Antpittas Grallaria ruficapilla:

Even if the other two species of antpitta are not seen at the feeding station, both can be found on nearby trails; we had brief looks at Bicolored Antpitta
plus I managed a record photo of this Slate-crowned Antpitta Grallaricula nana:

- and here's the other antpitta I photographed on the trip; an obliging Tawny Antpitta Grallaria quitensis from Paramo del Ruiz near Manizales: