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CHILE February 1990 & November 1993

I have visited Chile twice; the first time as a participant of a birding tour lead by Peter Roberts and Michel Salaberry in 1990, and the second time co-leading a tour with Michel Salaberry in 1993. Both itineraries were virtually identical, visiting the far south (Punta Arenas; Porvenir; Punta Delgada), the south-central area (Temuco south to Puerto Montt), the Santiago area (including around Valparaiso), and the far north (Arica and Lauca National Park). Both trips included pelagics out of Valparaiso and Arica, and both ended with a 3 night extension to Robinson Crusoe Island.

Chilean Woodstar
: from December 02, 1993 in the Azapa Valley; the identification is somewhat tentative for all but the first image (an immature male), given the similarity of non-males to non-male Peruvian Sheartails:

These first two photos are from "the Azapa Hotel" - I don't recall the actual name, but it was the primary location for the Woodstar in those years:

These two photos are from the bank of roadside lantanas further down the Azapa Valley - again this was known as a location for the Woodstar (and the Sheartail) during this period: