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These pics of Pacific Golden Plover are copied from published sources - my apologies to all copyright owners concerned (if you object please email me and I will remove the image); I do this only to further the discussion on the unusual Plover.
While these PAGP are not typical, I feel that they establish that a proportion of the PAGP population can appear to be as long-winged as some AMGPs; in "Tundra Plovers", Byrkjedal and Thompson have a graphic showing geographic variation in Pluvialis, and it may be significant that PAGPs from Kamchatka and SW Alaska are clearly longer-winged (and longer-billed) than PAGPs from the east (the rest of Alaska) or west (the rest of Russia); I wonder where this population migrates/winters, and I speculate that vagrants to Europe plus the normal California winterers are from the shorter-winged populations on either side(?). Update, Sept 2001: I have received details, via James Barton, from Russian researchers that confirm that the fulvas from the Trans-Yakutia region of east-central Siberia have an average wing length that is significantly longer than the average for fulva as a whole, and comes within a millimeter or two of the average for dominica:-

A) look not at the foreground bird, but at the wingtips/tail tip of the background bird:

B) Location unknown, but this pic is by Brian Chudleigh - a New Zealand photographer; note the primary projection on this bird (the tail tip location cannot be seen):

C) Location unknown, but photographer Pavel Tomkovitch is Russian; note the apparent length of the primaries beyond the tail:

D) Location Oman, by Conrad Greaves. Note the apparent primary extension beyond the tail, plus how dull this individual is; what might it look like in May?:

E) Location the Yamal Peninsula, northwest Siberia, by Vadim K. Ryabitsev ( from "Tundra Plovers"). Identified as a female: