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The Port Aransas Pewee Event of October 2011

October 16, 2011 by Martin Reid at Paradise Pond- a smallish stand of mixed tall trees surrounded by open subdivisions and open scrub, with two articifical water drips/baths, at the north end of Mustang Island, Nueces County, Texas. We conducted a limited playback experiment - the bird did not show any response to either WWP or EWP vocalizations, and remained silent throughout:

I used the image below to extrapolate a (tail-tip to longest utc) minus (longest P to longest S) value. Then using the half-way points of the quoted min/max for these elements in Pyle, I came up with an actual value of 8.2mm (using the Western WP values) and 10mm (using the Eastern WP values). This is a VERY rough process, but points towards this value being right at the cut-off line between the two taxa for live birds, per Pyle, pages 215 and 217:

MANDIBLE PATTERN: the distribution of dark and pale is uneven; the overall extent of dark is slightly less that the leftmost mandible pattern in Pyle's figure 142, page 215: