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This juvenile/first alternate Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) - scroll down for pics of accompanying adult - was photographed at Village Creek Drying Beds, Fort Worth, Texas on April 10, 2000 by Martin Reid; click here for pics of these birds on May 4. Note the long, orange-based bill, the longish neck, the dark cap that runs down the nape onto the upper hindneck, and the long legs. Note also the dark 2nd-generation flank feathers, the greater coverts with fairly thin pale trailing edge (could be due to wear), extensive white face "front" that reaches under the bill, and fairly prominent white tip to the tail (except the newly replaced R1s):

This juv. was accompanied by a more-secretive adult; on the adult note the overall darkness, the less orange bill, the thin scapular fringing, and the darker greater coverts with almost no pale tipping: