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These Greater White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons) were photographed a few miles southwest of Karnes City, south Texas on February 18, 2001 by Martin Reid. Presumably most are of the widespread Nearctic form A. a. frontalis, but the large individual could be the mysterious Gambel's White-fronted Goose, A. a. gambeli (per Hartlaub 1852; Delacour and Ripley, 1975), or even the Tule Goose A. a. elgasi. Note not only the long, swan-like neck, large head and bill, yellow eye ring, and extensive white "front" (reaching prominently under the lower mandible and over the eyes), but also the dark cap that runs down the nape onto the upper hindneck, the darker ground color to the upperparts, with thinner pale fringing (the belly barring shows that it is not a first-cycle), the prominent white tip to the tail, the longer legs (visually manifested as a higher belly height), and larger body bulk. In flight it was obviously larger in total by at least 10% - 15%, and the wings looked especially long, compared to the typical birds alongside it; I'd appreciate any feedback - thanks:

This next image is a crop/merge from the above pic, of the larger goose (top) and the adult from the far left (bottom):