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UPDATE January 13, 2013:
added photos of a very rare Northern Shrike from the Trans-Pecos region of Texas, at the bottom of the page:

These Northern Shrikes Lanius excubitor invictus/borealis were three of the six individuals seen over a three-day period in the southern and northwestern Texas Panhandle in early December, 2012:

1) Northeast Lubbock County, December 01:

2) North parking area at Lake Rita Blanca, Hartley County, December 02 - not photographed.

3) East of Dalhart at FM281/RR807, Hartley County, December 02 - not photographed.

4) Palo Duro Reservoir (small park below dam) , Hansford County, December 03:

5) Palo Duro Reservoir (above dam), Hansford County, December 03 -not photographed.

6) Lake Meredith, Hutchinson County, December 03:

UPDATE January 13, 2013: This immature Northern Shrike was found by Sheridan Coffey, Willie Sekula, and myself about half-way up the west side of Red Bluff Reservoir, Reeves county, Texas on January 11, 2013. It was extremely shy and would not tolerate even a moderate approach, hence the poor quality of these images. This species is accidental in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas, with three prior records:- two from El Paso county (Hueco Tanks 1977; El Paso 1978) and one from Culberson county (the eastern foothills of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, 1988):