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Update Feb 04, 2005: it was seen again today - click here to see the latest pics.

This gull was first seen at the Elliot Landfill, Corpus Christi, Texas on December 08 2004 - click here to see the original pics from Dec 08. It was seen again December 21 (below):

- the next sighting was on January 20, 2005, and now looks like this:

note the mantle/scap pattern now looks rather like that of many first-winter RBGUs - but the gray tone of the lower fresh scaps is much darker - almost that of the LAGUs nearby; the uppermost 2nd-gen. mantle feathers are a paler gray:

note above and below the tail pattern:

it was the size of a medium RBGU, but a little more bulky in the body; the bill size and shape is matched by that of large male RBGUs but the tip on this bird is a little more pointed: