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Added July 18, 2000: I have created this page to allow direct comparisons between the Corpus bird and some individuals from the Middle East:
First, the Corpus bird is placed in-between two heuglini from Bahrain in early March - note that the lower Bahrain bird has two mirrors and is a bit paler than normal heuglinis - I suspect that it is a Big Pale Heuglini:

Next, let's compare the pattern of the under-primaries; the three cropped images after the Corpus bird are from heuglini in Bahrain in early March:

Next, compare the upper-primaries: On the Corpus bird the black on P6 (and slightly on P5) is more extensive on the outer web than on normal heuglini:

- but on this crop of a Bahrain heuglini that I suspect to be a BPH, it too has the black on the outer web of P6 longer than on normal heuglini:

Now lets compare tails:

-All the above tails are from Bahrain or Oman heuglinis (some may be BPHs) except for the smallest image (right, near the top), which is the Corpus bird. The tail position relative to P6 varies from just longer to just shorter and the Corpus bird fits neatly into this range, I feel.

Lastly, look at the head/bill shapes: images C and E are the Corpus bird; B is from Oman (presumed BPH; photo by Arrend Wassink); A,D,F are from Bahrain (and F may also be a BPH - note the still-growing P10 with large mirror):-