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Odonates from Mato Grosso and southern Para, Amazonian Brazil, November 2008 :

From November 12 - 24, 2008 Sheridan and I were on a birding trip to south-central Brazil, and while there I tried to photograph every odonate that came my way. Sites visited were:

A small clear flowing forest stream on the Chapada dos Guimaraes - a spectacular sandstone outcrop east of Cuiaba the captial of Mato Grosso state (= CDG).

Along the banks and within half-a-mile of the Rio Azul at Pousada Rio Azul in southern Para state c. 4 hours by vehicle north of Alta Floresta, northern Mato Grosso state (=PRA).

Roadside swampy ponds with riparian edges in mostly cleared ranchland between Rio Azul and Rio Cristalino (=RSP).

Along the Rio Cristalino and in forest within half-a-mile of the river at Cristalino Jungle Lodge, northernmost Mato Grosso state (=CJL).

Along a forested road close to the banks of the Rio Teles Pirres near Cristalino Jungle Lodge (=RTP).

Zygoptera damselflies

to see those with red abdomens or red/orange tips to the abdomen.

CLICK HERE to see Epipleonura-types that are metallic bronzy-green with a very slender abdomen.

CLICK HERE to see Calopterygids that are Hetaerina or a related genus.

CLICK HERE to see Argia-types.

CLICK HERE to see Acanthagrion-types and other misc Coenagrionids.

CLICK HERE to see Mecistogaster-types.

Anisoptera dragonflies.

to see the non-Libellulids.

to see the dasher-types.

CLICK HERE to see the colorful types (with red or orange in abdomen and/or thorax).

CLICK HERE to see the rest (mostly blue/gray/black types).