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Suriname November 2011

UPDATE: Thanks to Samuel Galick I can now see that the bird has its head turned upside-down, and the white "cap" is its throat. Useful to see how the throat can look so white due to just to a change in angle to the Sun...

One mid-morning a large group of Chaetura swifts fed over the main clearing close to the restaurant. I studied them as best I could and took lots of photos; I believe most of them were Chapman's Swifts Chaetura chapmani. Among these Chaetura was one striking individual that seemed to have a solid white fore-cap; I only got three photos of it - the originals are in a row below, followed by various enlargements. In addition to the obvious white cap, note the abraded condition of some of the primaries (unlike the uniformly fresh primaries of accompanying chapmani), and the rather pale and uniform chin, throat, chest and upper belly but then obviously darker lower belly/undertail coverts: