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Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico July 2015

From July 11-23, 2015, Sheridan and I spent four days in the central Chiapas area as part of the GBNA biennial meeting, and then a week in south/central Oaxaca as part of a private group, ably organized and lead by Michael Retter.

These poor photos of two Dwarf Jays Cyanolyca nanus were all I could manage from two encounters with two pairs up at La Cumbre, north of Oaxaca City.

This was my last Cyanolyca jay, having seen Black-throated earlier on this trip in Chiapas (and in Guatemala in 2006), White-throated twice in Guerrero in 1998, Silvery-throated Jay in Costa Rica in 1994, Azure-hooded Jay in Costa Rica in 1994 and Panama in 1995, Beautiful Jay in Ecuador in 1994 and Colombia in 2009, Black-collared Jay in Colombia in 2009, Turquoise Jay many times in Ecuador, and White-collared Jay in Peru in 2010.