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Tamaulipas, Mexico 2006

The fruiting lowquat shrubs drew in large numbers of Flame-colored Tanagers Pirange bidentata sanguinolenta - the eastern subspecies that - on the male - is a richer red and has some red bleeding onto the upper white wingbar.


This tanager has me puzzled. Earlier I had seen one immature male White-winged Tanager in among the feeding groups and it had black lores and was obviously smaller than the Flame-coloreds. This bird was about the same size as the Flame-coloreds:

The bill looks too long for White-winged - more like a Flame-colored - but is blackish with a paler gray base to the mandible - as on White-winged. Note the completely unstreaked back, dusky lores, and lack of dusky rear border to the auriculars:

The two pics above hint that the tips of some of the tertials are pale (as in Flame-colored), and this more-contrasting image seems to confirm this:

- any suggestions?

A few Hepatic Tanagers Piranga flava hepatica? were among the Flame-coloreds: