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An absolute Must-Do on any visit to the West Slope is the recently-discovered "Antpitta Farm"! This is a piece of steep, forested land between Nanegalito and Mindo owned by M. Angel Paz Serafin (tel #s: 2-116-243; 2-116-026; 2-116-840) where he has invested a great deal of time and effort to "train" antpittas to come to him for worm handouts! Thus far he has trained three different Giant Antpittas, six Yellow-breasted Antpittas, and one Moustached Antpitta (each at different spots on his trails) to respond to his calls by cautiously hopping onto the narrow trail and approaching to varying distances for pieces of worm tossed by Angel onto the trail. Sometimes a small group of Dark-backed Wood-Quail also come out for the worms. and elsewhere on his trails you can visit a lek of Andean Cocks-of-the-Rock (at dawn) and look for both Quetzal species and Scaled Fruiteater. Here are the Dark-backed Wood-Quails: