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ECUADOR December 2006

Neblina Metaltail Metalurra odomae along the road to Cerro Toledo, Loja province, Ecuador:

Male; presumed immature based on the pale areas on the underparts - yet the red gorget appeared to be complete:

A pair were moving around the shrubs in close proximity to each other, with the young male (uppertail blue) seeming to stay very close to the female (uppertail dull dusky bronze):

When both would land for a short period, the male would face the female and lean forward towards her - at least once the female then flew towards him:

from above the tail of the male is a rich blue:

- while that of the female is a dull dusky bronze:

Interestingly, a female Viridian Metaltail Metallura williami of the race atrigularis was hanging around in exactly the same spot - but not at the same time, and I saw no interaction betweeen the two taxa: