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BRAZIL November 2008

These gloriously impressive Hyacinth Macaws Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus finally allowed us great looks after brief daily encounters along the ranch roads just prior to arriving at Pousada Rio Azul; we were really surprised by the sheer number of Macaws and Parrots using the ranching area south of Rio Azul; it seems that the scattered forest patches plus many dead trees in the pastures really suites the larger Psittacids - and apparently the ranchers are keen on preventing any hunting or capture of the Macaws. It was typical to see in a late afternoon hour a scattering of Red-and-Greens, handfuls of Scarlets, dozens of Blue-and-yellows, scores of Red-bellieds, plus the odd Chestnut-fronted and usually a pair of Hyacinths: