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Australia plus a day in New Zealand, Nov/Dec 2017

Sheridan and I spent part of November 25/26, 2017 in New Zealand, followed by fifteen days in Australia.

We visited Miranda, Mangere, and Waitakere near Auckland, NZ, and then around Cairns, around Darwin, and around Melbourne plus Victoria's Malee in Australia.

As usual, the quality of my photos varies from very good to rather poor,- but identifiable!


The Western Treatment Plant (WTP) on the outskirts of Werribee just west of Melbourne is a huge water treament facility- far larger than any other that I know of. Almost 26,000 acres in size, it processes half of the sewage generated by Melbourne all the while being a RAMSAR site for waterfowl. On a typical day the 200+ ponds and lagoons hold many thousands of waterbirds, and the extensive shoreline and view over Port Phillip Bay add a number of coastal bird species to the mix. It is not open to the public, and a special permit is required to gain access to the site - these permits are not available for casual visitors, who can only visit if in the company of a permit-holder.

CLICK HERE for wildfowl, pelecaniformes, and herons.

CLICK HERE for rails and shorebirds.

CLICK HERE for terns.

Orange-bellied Parrot - These three young birds were banded as fledglings/juveniles in Tasmania the previous summer and had migrated to the mainland coast for the winter, but had not (yet?) migrated back to Tasmania for the summer. I presume that they are from a captive breeding program, but I think that the handful of wild-hatched birds are also banded, so i am not certain of the circumstances for these particular birds:

Brown Thornbill:

Striated Fieldwren:

Golden-headed Cisticola - adult and fresh juvenile: