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This bird was photographed in early July 1997 at Village Creek Drying Beds, Tarrant county, Texas:

- the combination of whitish eyes, dark gray distal lores and greenish legs all point to LBHE, yet the basal part of the lores is yellowish-green and the upper mandible appears to be all-dark; note also the two short nape plumes plus downy "baby" feathers on the crown. I think this is a very young LBHE, but just for fun here is a bird to compare it with from England (look especially at the head feathers):

with thanks to BIRDING WORLD magazine and Dave Nye for the use of the photograph.

- this photo is part of a feature (in BIRDING WORLD Vol 11, #8) about a very unusual juvenile egret seen in July 1998 at Stanpit Marsh, southern England (coincidentally, this used to be my local patch in England) - that bird had a clear-cut yellowish-flesh basal half to the bill, was significantly larger than other nearby LIEGs, and had some gingery-brown smudges on the wing-coverts (a feature sometimes shown by juvenile white-morph Western Reef-Herons). UPDATE: on August 3 1999 I photographed a juv. SNEG (at the same Texas site as all the above) that had a gingery-brown wash on the back, bend-of-the-wing, and nape; this bird also had a pale base to the bill, but nowhere near as clean-cut as on the Stanpit Marsh Egret - has anyone else seen young SNEGS with this ginger wash?: